2016 Journal Online

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The 2016 Attic Salt Journal is now up online. We hope you will check it out here.

Deadline Extended!!!

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The deadline for submissions has been extended until December 11, the Friday before LMU finals week. We hope to hear from you!

Fall Submissions Open

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Submissions for Fall 2015 are now open until November 30th! Please send your work toatticsalt.lmu@gmail.com or email us with any questions.

Read Attic Salt 2015

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Attic Salt 2015 is published and here. The release part went exceptionally well at the beginning of summer. The full journal, as well as our supplemental content, are now online and available here.

Attic Salt Spring 2015 Submissions

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Attic Salt is currently accepting submissions. Submission dates are February 1 - 15

If you are a member of the Loyola Marymount University undergraduate community and have essays, original research, creative writing, artwork, photography, film, etc. -- you should submit your work to get published in the Attic Salt journal. 

Email your submissions to atticsalt.lmu@gmail.com

Attic Salt 2014 Release

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Attic Salt just released the 2014 Journal! Check it out here -- Read the Journal

Here is the letter from the editors:

Dear Attic Salt Readers,

For this year’s edition of Attic Salt, we have expanded the possibilities of the journal, featuring kinds of work that we have previously been unable to publish. In the past, we have had to cut down lengthier submissions to a brief excerpt, and multimedia submissions were not even an option. Over this academic year, we have brought Attic Salt into the digital age, redesigning our website to allow for online publications. Now we publish the entirety of lengthier pieces as well as multimedia submissions online, which moves us toward our wider goal of fully embracing the “interdisciplinary” character of our journal.

In the following selections we hear, among others, the voices of grieving fathers, brooding youths, a forsaken mother, and a mad poet. We travel through a darkened theological forest, all the way up to the indifferent stars. Yet despite the often melancholic quality of these pieces, a profound hopefulness emanates from them. In reading them, we have been invigorated by their depictions of human resilience, by the honesty of the emotions, and by the determination in their search for meaning. We invite our readers to immerse themselves in the experience of this year’s journal and recognize that shadows do not necessarily preclude the beautiful.

We would first like to thank our staff members, who have put a tremendous amount of work and enthusiasm into this year’s publication. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our faculty advisers, Dr. Dermot Ryan and Dr. Alexandra Neel. Additionally, we want to thank the Honors Program of Loyola Marymount University, specifically Dr. John Parrish, Dr. John Dionisio, and Meghan Alcantar, for their limitless support. Finally, we would like to thank Dr. Garland Kirkpatrick for granting us the privilege of working with Justin Lai and Madison Wurster, the artists who are responsible for the utterly beautiful design of the journal.

And to our readers: please, make yourselves at home.

Warmly yours,

The Attic Salt Editors-in-Chief

Attic Salt Promotional Video

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Head on over to the submission page to check out our hilarious promotional video  ---  Submissions

The 2014 Attic Salt Submissions Have Been Finalized

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Thanks to all the hardwork of our editors, we have gone through the 2014 submissions and selected the work that best represents the goals of the journal. Congratulations to those of you who will be published this Spring. We look forward to working on the finishing up the journal and seeing you at our release party!

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